Laboratory Chemicals And Reagents
Laboratory Chemical Reagents offered by us are available in different formulation based choices. These are soluble in water and have no unpleasant smell. Precise ph level and standard quality are some of their key features.
Minerals And Food Nutrients
Minerals And Food Nutrients provided by us are soluble in boiling water, chloroform, ether and C2H5OH. These substances are offered in granule, flake and powder based forms. These chemicals have specific shelf life.
Sodium Chemicals
Sodium Chemicals are composed of non-toxic grade elements, These have wide applications in metallurgy, paper production and petroleum processing fields. Chemical stability and solubility in water are some of their key aspects.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Chemicals provided by us are insoluble in C2H5OH. Available in powder form, these have slight solubility in water. Offered chemicals contain negligible amount of iron and chloride.  We offer these at reasonable price.
Potassium Compounds
Potassium Compounds provided by us are accessible in powder and pellet based forms. Free from unpleasant smell, these have 5-8 ph level. These are soluble in boiling water  and are insoluble in C2H5OH.
Ammonia Compounds
Ammonia Compounds provided by us can be availed in different formulation based choices. These are highly soluble in water. Provided in fine and crystalline powder based versions, these chemicals have long storage life.
Aluminium Compounds
Aluminum Compounds are offered in white or yellowish crystalline form, These are highly soluble in water. These contain ammonia and heavy metals in minimal amount. Long shelf life is one of their main aspects.
Barium Compounds
Barium Compounds provided by us are reckoned for their accurate formulation and standard quality. These have wide applications in fireworks production, glass and salt manufacturing fields. We offer these in powder based form.
Inorganic Salt Chemical
Inorganic Slat Chemicals offered by us are well known for their precise formulation, long storage life and stable chemical properties. These chemicals are well known for their versatile nature. Based on application requirements, these are offered in different formulations.  Provided inorganic chemicals need to be stored at room temperature to extend their shelf life.
Inorganic Chemical Compound
Inorganic chemical compounds offered by us are well known for their precise formulation. These are required to produce catalysts, pigments, surfactants etc. Manufactured under controlled environment, these chemicals have long working life.
Laboratory Chemicals
Laboratory chemicals offered by us are well known for their multipurpose roles. These chemicals are used as suitable chelating agents, buffering factors, additives, emulsifying factors and stabilizers to name a few. Pure content, long storage life and non toxic content are their main aspects.
Calcium Compounds
Calcium compound that customers can buy from us is the calcium acetate. This is mainly used in medical industry as a phosphate binder. It is efficient in reducing phosphate levels in the bodies of people with advanced kidney failure. 
Inorganic Compound
Unlock the potential of precision in your applications with our high-quality Inorganic Compounds. Tailored for diverse industrial uses, our compounds offer reliability and performance. With carefully selected formulations and stringent quality standards, they ensure consistency and efficiency in various processes. Trust our Inorganic Compounds for superior results in your applications.